Social Sign In - Using Google and Apple Accounts on BTSE

Signing Up Using Your Apple/Google Account:

  1. Go to the BTSE website.

  2. On the registration or login page, click either [Continue with Apple] or [Continue with Google].

  3. A pop-up window will prompt you to sign in using your chosen account. Proceed to sign in.

Creating a New BTSE Account via Social Sign-In:

  1. Visit the BTSE website's registration or login page.

  2. Select either [Continue with Apple] or [Continue with Google].

  3. Sign in to your Apple or Google account and provide the necessary permissions for BTSE to access your basic information.

  4. Choose “Create a new BTSE account”.

  5. Enter your Email, Username, Password, and Referral Code.

  6. Click on “Register” to complete the setup.

Linking to an Existing BTSE Account:

  1. Head to the BTSE website and locate the registration or login page.

  2. Click on [Continue with Apple] or [Continue with Google].

  3. Log in to your Apple or Google account and authorize BTSE to link with your account.

  4. Opt for “Link to an existing BTSE account”.

  5. Authenticate using your Email/Password or Mobile/Password combination.

  6. Complete the security verification process.

  7. Congratulations! You've successfully logged in to BTSE using your social account.


QIf I link my original BTSE account to my Google/Apple account, can I access BTSE with my Google/Apple credentials?
A: No. While you can't log in to BTSE directly with your Google/Apple email and password, you can either use your BTSE credentials or quickly access your account by clicking [Continue with Apple] or [Continue with Google].

QIs it possible to unlink my Google/Apple account from BTSE?
A: At this time, we do not support the option to disconnect your Google or Apple account once it's been linked to BTSE.


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