Recovering Incorrect Crypto Deposits

When depositing or withdrawing digital currency, please exercise extreme caution. Your assets will be lost if you deposit or withdraw to the wrong wallet address by accident. (BTSE will not be responsible for any losses or penalties incurred due to incorrect transaction information).

Incorrect Deposit Scenario


Min Amount

Recovery Fee

Cross-chain Deposit


1000 USD




Incorrect Address Deposit


Unsupported Coin/Token


Incorrect Destination Tag or Memo ID


Expired Address



Case by Case

Unsupported Smart Contracts



Unsupported Chain


Non- Retrievable

Deposited at an incorrect address that doesn't belong to BTSE


Please note that the above list serves as a guide and does not constitute a guarantee that BTSE will attempt to recover your incorrectly sent assets. Each case will be investigated on an individual basis, and the decision to attempt recovery remains at the sole discretion of the BTSE team. 


A fee of 5% of the deposit amount will be charged for the recovery attempt for an incorrectly sent deposit. However, please note that this fee cannot be less than 50 USD or its equivalent value in your deposit cryptocurrency.

  • The fee will be calculated based on the original amount of your deposit and charged in the deposit cryptocurrency at the time of funds recovery.
  • The fee value equivalent in USD will be calculated at the time of completing the recovery process.
  • The fee will be deducted from the recovered funds.
  • Please note that BTSE may not be able to recover all deposits. The recovery fee is non-refundable


If you need to request the recovery of your assets, please complete the BTSE Incorrect Deposit Recovery Request.

Our support team will review your case and guide you through the recovery process accordingly.


Please note that our platform recognizes only the last 10 created addresses for transactions. Deposits made to addresses beyond the latest 10 will be deemed invalid.

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