What is the isolated margin for Futures Grid trading bots

Q: What is Isolated Margin? How can it be applied to a Futures Grid Trading Bot?

A: Isolated Margin is a feature that enables traders to transfer the margin (investment amount) for a Trading Bot to an independent margin wallet, after activating the bot. This incurs the following benefits:

- Segregates trading bot funds, preventing them from affecting manual trading funds and orders.

- Enables traders to run multiple trading bots simultaneously for the same market.

Q: How does Isolated Margin operate after the Trading Bot is activated?

A: Once the user activates the trading bot, the system will automatically transfer the funds to an independent trading bot wallet. After the trading bot is shut down or concludes its run, our system will automatically close its orders and positions, and then transfer the remaining funds back to the original futures trading wallet.

Q: Can I add collateral after activating my trading bot, so I can reduce liquidation risk?

A: Users can see actively running bots through the Bot tab at the top of the trading interface. By clicking the edit button next to Bot Margin, a popup window will appear, enabling you to adjust the margin. Users can transfer USDT from the futures trading wallet to add to the margin (currently only USDT is supported as collateral) or transfer USDT out of the bot’s funds back to the futures trading wallet (this may increase your liquidation risk).

Q: What are the key requirements for using isolated margin bots?

A: Key requirements include:

- Before using isolated margin, traders have to first upgrade their futures wallets to a unified wallet.

- Only USDT can be used as collateral.

Q: What is the maximum number of Futures Grid bots that I can run?

A: Only 5 Futures Grid bots are allowed to run for the same market simultaneously. There are no limits for the number of bots that can be run across all markets.

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