BTSE Corp Card

BTSE Business Card

1. What is the BTSE Business Card?

The business card is a cryptocurrency debit card service designed for business customers. The card’s assets are denominated in USD and can be topped up with cryptocurrencies, which are then promptly converted to USD. The card is a blank card with no logo or design, and does not have any BTSE-related materials on it. 

2. How can  I apply for the card?

To obtain a card, please follow these steps: 

Step 1: Complete the Identity Verification (KYB) process.  

Step 2:  After completing identity verification, head directly to the BTSE Card page and complete the application form. 

* Please note:

  1. Before finalizing your application, make sure that your name, phone country code, phone number, address, and zip code are accurately provided. Should there be any delivery issues due to errors in the application details you provided, extra charges might occur.

  1. Delivery times can differ based on the region. While BTSE strives to ensure card delivery within 4 weeks post-approval of the application, external factors can sometimes impact the delivery time.

  1. The courier service will utilize the same phone number you provided during the BTSE Card application. Please note that in certain areas, delivery might not be possible. We sincerely regret any inconvenience that this may cause.

3. What documents do I need to provide for identity and residency verification when applying for the business card?

A: To apply for a business card, applicants must undergo an essential verification process for their identity and residence, in line with international regulations. As a general guideline, you'll need to provide:

  • Your Certificate of Incorporation or Business Registration.

  • The Certificate of Incumbency.

  • A list showing all your Directors.

  • Proof of the Director's residential address.

  • A photo of the Director's Passport.

  • A selfie of the Director holding their Passport.

4. What are the business card’s fees and imits for corporate users? 

VISA - USD (Corporate)

Top up and Transaction Limit

Minimum Per Top-Up: 55 USD

Daily Top-Up Limit: No limit

Per Top-Up Limit: No limit

Monthly Top-Up Limit: No limit

Maximum Balance: 100,000 USD

Per Transaction Limit: No limit

ATM Withdrawal

Daily ATM Withdrawal Limit: 2,000 USD

Monthly ATM Withdrawal Limit: 50,000 USD


Annual Fee: 0 USD

Top up Fee: 1.5 %

ATM Withdrawal: 2% with 2 USD min

POS Transaction: 0.6 USD

E-commerce 3DS: 0.2 USD

FX Exchange: 2.5%

Account Closure: 0 USD

Dispute: 35 USD

Card Activation: 0 USD

Card Replacement: 8 USD (Physical card with additional shipping fee)

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