What is the Launchpad? How do I access it?

BTSE Launchpad lets users earn new token rewards by holding USDT on the platform.

  1. Log in to your BTSE account and click the navigation button - [Launchpad].

  2. Then, scroll down to find [Launchpad] and the list of available and completed projects.

What is a lottery ticket? 

A lottery ticket is a mechanism used to determine eligibility for participating in a token sale. To earn a lottery ticket, participants are required to hold a specific amount of tokens or meet certain criteria. The number of lottery tickets received influences the probability of being selected for the token sale. 

How Can I Participate?

In order to take part in the token sale, you need to first register for the Launchpad sale.

How Do I  Earn Lottery Tickets?

You can earn lottery tickets during the promotional period by holding USDT. The number of lottery tickets you receive depends on the amount of USDT you hold each day . The system  will take a snapshot of your spot account at a random time every day during the promotional period, and this amount will be used to calculate the amount of lottery tickets your account is eligible for. 

What to Do I Need to Do During the Promotional Period?

During the promotional  period, you simply need to ensure you are holding  some USDT on your BTSE account - then, just relax and let us handle the rest.  After lottery results are announced, if you hold a winning ticket, you can exchange your USDT for an equal value of special tokens during the designated period of time. This exchange can be made on the Launchpad page.

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