Email Verification

After registering your BTSE account, you will need to complete email verification to enable the Deposit and Withdraw functions for your Digital Assets. Doing so will allow you to deposit digital assets and start trading.

If you would like to enable the Deposit and Withdrawal functions for Fiat Currency, please refer to this FAQ: Identity Verification (KYC)

Note: You will need to complete email verification before you can submit your identity verification request.

How to Resend Verification Email 

1. Log out and log back in. You will see the "Resend verification email" button on the top-right corner of the page.

2. If you don't see the resend button, please go to the WALLETS page and click any of the Deposit buttons (next to crypto currencies).

Why Didn't I Receive the Verification Email

Common reasons are as follows:

  • Email has been categorized as spam  -  Please check your spam folder.
  • Blocked unknown senders  -  If your email blocks unknown senders, please add "" to your email whitelist.
  • Dispatched to a folder according to inbox rules / filters  -  If you are using inbox rules (or filters) to categorize all your emails, please check all folders including trash.

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